Subjects & Groups Management

Using Classter will simplify the process of managing your own subjects. All you need to do, is to register for a subject with all academic and billing data, upload complimentary files and form its online presence. For each course, you can design its grading and syllabus structure, while you have the ability to associate any course with physical or digital books and provide a detailed lesson plan. To enable enrollment, Classter has deployed the online subject enrollment tool as part of Classter Admission module. This enrolment tool offers students the ability to be enrolled online to subjects (obligatory or optional) based on the curriculum plan or educational program they attend. Moreover, access to subject online libraries is achieved via the integration with Sharepoint Online or Office365.

Additionally, Classter has an advance Group management tool to offer allowing students to be enrolled to multiple Groups. In each group, a student may attend one or more subjects. Tools for mass group – subject enrollment are also provided. Group creation may be done in advance or based on final subject enrollments. Groups are managed in a different way in K12 type institutions and in Higher Education sector and Classter adapts the Group management accordingly.

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