Internship & Thesis


This new module has been developed with the goal of offering educational institutions the ability to increase student’s future employability and help them get opportunities to increase their practical skills and knowledge of the workplace environment.

In addition, institutions can better organize academic and learning processes by offering thesis topics for students regarding their various subjects.

The Internship & Thesis module combines two major functions.

The ability to bring students and companies together, towards mutual benefits. Students have the chance as part of their course work, to apply their knowledge and learn real-life knowledge about a job they wish to pursue in the future or after graduation!
Companies can get much-needed help on everyday work tasks and bring in new ideas into their environment.

Thesis :
Most students in their final year of college or high school may be required to complete a thesis project for a subject.
This module manages and organizes this process for teachers/professors and students.

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Internship & Thesis features are the following


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