Zoom for Education

Classter can be easily integrated with Zoom for Education to create a powerful synchronous eLearning environment for K12 schools, universities, and academies.

This integration allows Classter Admins to automatically connect teaching sessions on Classter with Zoom meetings, giving the opportunity to teachers and students to connect online in cases that physical attendance is impossible or unsafe.

End users such as teachers and students can benefit from the comprehensive features of the most popular video-conference platform, such as HD video and audio, security standards, session recordings and accessibility.

Classter enhances the functionality of Zoom for Education, as it allows educational organizations to match the existing academic structure (classes/sessions) with a powerful video conferencing platform. This way, schools and universities can offer either a 100% online education curriculum or a hybrid solution switching between physical and virtual attendance when needed.

Classter is a proud partner of Zoom for Education, offering tailor-made solutions to educational organizations of all sizes and types. Reach out to our sales team to learn more about how you can create a virtual classroom environment by using Classter all-in-one SIS with Zoom for education

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